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I'm Rincey!

Welcome to Rincey Philip Interiors! Thank you for dropping by!
About us:  We are a Dubai based Interior Design company that specialises in residential spaces. We pride ourselves in helping change lives and helping families thrive in their homes made-over by us! This blog is to here to inspire, educate and delight you. Welcome to our world !  


“Babe, what if we fail?” “Hon, what if we fly?”


That was exactly the conversation my sweet husband and I had when we were thinking about launching the business ‘Rincey Philip Interiors’. With dreams in my eyes and being the big dreamer that I am, I asked him if we should just go ahead. Being the practical down-to-earth man that he is, he obviously calculated all the risks involved. He asked me, “Babe, what if we fail after all this time and money we invest? I rhetorically asked him, “Honey, what if we fly instead?” And nothing would make him happier to see my eyes gleam with so much happiness when I spoke about anything interiors. Long story short, the dream won and we went on to create our dream life!

Undoubtedly, there were so many times in our journey we soared high and equally plunged down in disappointment or hopelessness. But one thing that kept us going were the lives that we got to touch, one space at a time. Nothing can replace that deep joy. We clearly understood our ‘why’ in the business and we continue to work with that one mission in mind – Changing Lives, One Space At A Time!

Growing up, I was always very keen on all things creative. Creatively shot photographs, beautifully crafted videos and getting lost in wonderfully written stories, were few of the things that sparked joy in my life. I was that girl with plenty of great ideas but unfortunately could not express it through art – which back then was the only form of expression of artistic creativity. So, if you cannot express any form of artistic creativity through art class, then you aren’t good enough for the arts field. That was what my little brains, perceived back then. Turning my attention from arts to the sciences – another subject that I did enjoy was Mathematics. My Mother was so good at it and I was in awe of how she calculated so quickly and was so intelligent in problem solving. Thanks to her, I always did well in Math and Physics, which naturally lead me to choose the sciences and continue to take on that familiar path of engineering. Again a popular choice back when I was joining college. I enjoyed those classes in engineering which had a lot of problem solving involved but I always felt like something was still missing.

I graduated with good grades, came back to Abu Dhabi and decided to learn something completely new! I enrolled myself for Masters in Business Administration and after two years, worked as an engineer for a few. Even while working for the contracting company, I remember sashaying to the Architecture and Interiors department, from the Electrical department, and was in awe of all the work that they get to do for our projects! But never once in my wildest wildest dreams did I think that I would be learning to draw up drawings on my own and come up with creative ideas to design and help lives in the process! (Crazy thinking that today, that’s exactly what I do – everyday! )

Soon after, I found the love of my life, married and moved to Dubai – to another gorgeous city of hope and beautiful interiors! My husband saw the deep interest I had in interiors, (he was mostly surprised at how I could never get tired of watching HGTV shows and YouTube interior makeovers all day long!) and he suggested I do something about it! Okay. 4 years of engineering and work experience in the field, 2 years of MBA in marketing and now I switch to interiors?? Like, who in the right mind does that back in 2013? Well, I still did. I looked out for the most affordable courses in Interior Design in Dubai at that time. Of course I did not want to make a mistake the third time over in my educational choices! Completed the 8 weeks of an ‘Introduction to Interior Design’ course. And boy oh boy, did I–love-every-bit of it ! Like “Hey Interior Design! Why did you not show up in my life after high school?? I found the love of my career life, so many years later!”

Sketching and designing my first monogram and logo

The learning began, the digging deep began. The opposition began. The mind battles began. YouTube was my best friend. I made the decision, I knew interiors it was, there was no looking back. I prayed for direction and it always seemed like the right direction to go forward into! I learned how to run a business from wonderful mentors online. I asked around to friends and family for projects. Some turned their backs, some were gracious to give me a chance. Slowly and surely I built the portfolio. Freelancer to a licensed company. Facebook and Instagram to a fully fledged website. Working alone to hiring a team. Been there, done it all. I put my binders on and just looked to the road ahead. With my mom as a mentor, my husband as an encourager, confidant and critique, my father who looked out for my company’s financial strength, to my sister who was my cheerleader, my brothers, sisters in laws and parents in laws who always always checked in and encouraged me, I consider myself super blessed!

First time that I earned for helping a friend in interiors. 
I had just finished a session of  happy tears.
First time that I earned for helping a friend in interiors.
I had just finished a session of  happy tears.

Today, my superman of a husband still helps me in the business and is the best support that I can ask for! With serving over 150 clients and over 7 years changing lives in the business, we have come a long long way in our journey. We now have a great team who is the strength of the business and gives our business so much life and purpose! Our clients are our family and they always remain a part of our lives. They always remember us and always come back to us for more! In our quest to changing lives, we bring families together and we let them thrive. With Rincey Philip Interiors, it’s not just good design, it’s a brand new life!

Flying to a new country for our first International project

The sole intention of this blog was to create one big family. Not just with our clients but we wanted to invite you, the reader, into our world and hopefully spark joy and inspiration through our stories!


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  1. Kuleen says:

    Hey Rincey, Congratulations on your new website/blog. Loved reading through .. Love all your works.. God bless! Keep changing lives, for good, one space at a time! 😊 May all your dreams come true! 😊

  2. Jovie says:

    Wishing you much success, Rin!! It’s an incredible adventure you’ve had.

  3. Nisu Thomas says:

    Love the blog Rincey!! I am a silent but ardent fan of all your work dear and I keep looking at all the pictures over and over again.. God bless you and I hope that someday you come to the UK to do our home as well. 🥰 Regards to Rejo too !!

  4. Reno says:

    You are a true inspiration to us all. I’ve always looked up to you for chasing your dreams and not letting anything deter you. Continue to inspire us with your creativity and hope you continue to change lives one space at a time!
    Much love!

  5. Sushma says:

    Love your story Rincey and your beautiful energy. Your passion for what you do along with your precision makes all your spaces so beautiful. So glad to have crossed paths with you! Congratulations on your blog, will be coming back to read more.

  6. Carel Eibu says:

    Rincey dear.. Congratulations on the blog! Loved reading through the introduction to the beginning of your venture. It felt so personal just like how we felt when you did up our house.. Am amazed and happy on how you and the business have evolved over years.. Your passion leaves it’s mark on every work you do. All the very best as you keep changing lives. Can’t forget dear Rejo and his support to this. Good luck to him too.

    Lots of love and best wishes,
    Carel & Eibu

    • Hey Carel & Eibu !
      It was such an honour for us to do your home and you trusted us enough to help you. Thank you! The fact that you still speak about it today means a lot to us! And Yes, Rejo is the best! 😉

  7. Ronie Sowmya says:

    Hey Rin 😊

    We’re so glad to read in these many words about the journey that you’ve embarked and that we’ve heard so much about. This is truly a testament to the fact that He who has begun a good work in you, will bring it to fruition.

    Assuring you of our love and prayers as Rejo and you continue to bless and change homes of many many more.

    Ronie + Sowmya

  8. Manish Mohan Jacob (Jerry) says:

    “Don’t stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true.”
    ― Sachin Tendulkar
    The above inspirational quote by one of India’s cricket legend fits perfectly in retrospect with the career graph of my dear sister R-in-C (Radiant INterior Captivating) (Don’t mind the acronym!).
    Blessed with the ability to churn out the imminent client’s dream into reality is her forte and makes way for numerous superlatives, which one may think of. People having professional acquaintance with her, are entranced with her positivity and awestruck creations galore, which oozes out a sense of plaudit with the ultimate glamorous art-work panned out. Her self-confidence and extreme dedication in whatever project she takes up showcases her class and calibre, which is for the mortals to review in this blog!
    Primarily with divine intervention, one can only pray and wish her for immense success along-with that she continues to put her imbibed talent into the right energy channel to bring that wonderful ‘change’ that she set out for, in every professional dealing with her clientele to provide enough ‘room’ for creativity to unleash to ‘design’ their inner world of happiness, within the ‘space’, that she is provided with!!

    • Thanks Jerry ! I think I only understood what Sachin said. The rest you can explain in person 😉 Lol, but thank you for reading and hanging out here and sharing your wonderful thoughts!Means much brother! 🙂 (Now I am going to back to reading it again!)

  9. Sangeeth Tom Varghese says:

    Great going Rincey, Congrats for the inspiring Blog and following your passion to built a great firm….God bless…

  10. Kukku & David says:

    The blog post was so beautiful rincey…love the passion and drive for each project you do and i always look forward to the grand reveal of the “after”…Praise God for your beautiful talent and for giving the perfect partner in Rejo for you. Keep transforming houses and inspiring people. Love you. ×××

  11. Nita says:

    Dearest Rincey,
    I’ve been a fan of your work since you started. With each passing year your work becomes more beautiful. I love your passion and the intricate details that you take care of. You truly goto great lengths to get to know a person and then impact their lives beautifully. God is definitely using you as his instrument to touch lives.
    Praying that you continue touching and changing lives for the better.

  12. Reuben S Philippe says:

    I’m not an entrepreneur myself, so I can’t talk about how hard/easy/soul sucking it was and is. I can, however, relate to most of us, who’ve thought about starting something “on our own” and decided to not. Which places you in a very unique position of being that person as the cliche suggests “followed your dreams”. You took an idea, started small, learnt along the way and built something from the ground up. And you’re constantly re-inventing your craft, your skills and the business. This takes courage, perseverence and hard work. I know you’re only getting started so never stop thinking big about where you want to go, and know that ALL of us are rooting for you.