Without the guesswork, high-ticket designer investment, and long hours of planning?

Are you ready to have an elevated and stylish home?

If you have answered 'yes!' to at least two of the statements above, my friend, what you need is an exact roadmap to fabulous design!

It no longer needs to be cumbersome and frustrating. You no longer need to search online for hours for ideas and feel stuck when you go shopping. 

You will learn how and what to search online and at the stores for what you need (targeted searching-huge time saver here!).

You will learn how to avoid expensive mistakes (that's a huge huge saving right here!).

You will now confidently and proudly get to design your home according to your unique taste.

No longer will the process seem daunting but you will love the journey and  the processes of getting there!

Now does that sound fabulous or what?? 

Have you always just wanted to wave the magic wand and have your home look like those of the professionals?

Have you always wished that you could just hire a designer but aren't ready to do so at the moment?

Have you spent hours on Instagram, Facebook, Google searches, Blogs and your best friend- Pinterest, searching for all the inspiration possible?

After soaking in all that inspiration, you try to make it work, but somehow your home doesn't look fabulous like those Pinterest images and those full displays at the store? 

You could be having questions like:
Is designing my home a huge investment? Is it a cumbersome process?
After spending so much time and money, will I finally love my home?

Sure, you've done the best you can in designing your home but you still feel that you are missing that WOW factor that your home craves.

If that sounds like that is exactly what you need right now, let's get you on the waitlist for our upcoming course! I promise you are going to love all the free content that comes your way right up to the course launch and after!

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'Design Your Home Like the Pros' Course

Rincey Philip Interiors Presents the..

With all that's in me I value family. It's the heartbeat of everything we curate here at Rincey Philip Interiors. 

What you build inside your home is more than design, it's an atmosphere that creates the backdrop for lifelong memories. I want that to be as stunningly and uniquely you as possible.

As an Engineer turned Interior Designer I've spent my career partnering with young families to give them practical and beautiful design for their home. I can't wait to share my best tips with you so that, no matter your budget, you can have a home that inspires you to do and be all that you have ever dreamed of ! If you have signed up, I cannot wait to connect with you over in your inbox! 

Hi, I'm Rincey