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Show your friends and family that you appreciate them
with these Eid gifts that they will absolutely LOVE!

Do you have a friend or a loved one whose love language is ‘receiving gifts’ and loves a good home decor gift? And you have nooo time to think of what to get them this Eid? No worries! We got you covered! You are in for a treat my friend! Let’s take that little gift decision load off your shoulders. Scroll down to discover some delightful gift ideas for your loved ones! All of our gift ideas works great for most decor styles, so you do not have to worry if they match the decor. Not only do many of these products add beauty to a space but most double as useful everyday items as well. Now how’s that for a great thoughtful gift!

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  • 1. Molten Gold Napkin Ring (Set of 4): AED 93.4 – AED 125 – These Molten Gold Napkin Rings are crafted to look like flowing lava. They say it brings an earthy feel to any table setting. Well, we do agree. This organic shaped gold beauty works with all kinds of decor.
  • 2. Fossili Bowl: AED 410 – Beautiful to place on a coffee table or dining table. With warm browns and iridescent ivory swirl on the seashell curves of this stunning piece makes it easy to work with most decor styles. Interesting facts: Murano artists press layers of hot molten glass into a single piece of glass. That is then molded into a gracefully curved low bowl. A special finish is then applied and fired at high temperatures to create its luminous surface. No two pieces are a like, making each unique and one of a kind. Now we got to love a unique piece of art to admire and gift!
  • 3. Petrified Wood Catch-All Tray: AED 365 – From entryways to bedside tables to coffee tables, this gorgeous tray can be kept anywhere! A favourite of ours, this works great as both a His and a Her gift to hold jewellery, coins, watches and sunglasses to name a few things. Interesting facts: Petrified wood is a magical natural material that occurs when a tree dies and silicon dioxide forms in place of the degrading wood. After thousands of years, no wood is left—only quartz. This striking tray is created from a slice of that quartz that reveals the intriguing wood grain and rich coloration that remains, each petrified wood tray being unique. Now that sounds so cool doesn’t it?
  • 4. Nava Table Runner with tassles: AED 185 – This handmade jacquard-patterned runner can add so much texture and pattern to a table, making it so easy to style a table or bed end. Finished at each corner with chunky black handwoven tassels for some drama with the ivory geometric design makes it a slightly different version of a neutral decor piece. Great to gift someone who loves unique gifts and hosting dinners.
  • 5. Stick it anywhere marble vase: AED 550 – This is hands down one of our favourite pieces. With the marble and it’s gorgeous veining, this hand carved vase creates the perfect home for fresh cut stems. With its small and compact size, this is great for keeping in powder rooms, on a shelf, on the side of the sink or by the bedside. It is a great item to gift someone who loves adorning their home with something a little stylish and a lot good looking.
  • 6. Glass Tealight Holder: AED 129 – This irregular shaped glass tealight holder with a golden rim is a pretty little addition to any decor. With its organic shape and irregular glass, the flicker of a little candle will throw light beautifully and subtly. Likeable by all. Great gift if you are unsure what your loved ones will like.
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  • 7. Mother of Pearl Coasters Pack of 4: AED 159 – Another one of our favourites, these metal coasters with a mother-of-pearl coating adds that little bling to a coffee or dining table. Another item that matches any kind of decor and is beautiful to gift.
  • 8. Pet bed: AED 439 – Have a friend who has a little 4-legged family member? This simple coloured natural fibre bed is a great little addition for their living room, to make some space for their little pets to join in with the family and friend’s home meet-ups.
  • 9. Tristan Wooden Tic Tac Toe: AED 420 – Have a friend who loves a good board game? And hey, who does not anyway love decor that also doubles as an actual game! This great looking fun accent piece in an acacia box and board with brass finished pieces easily becomes a social centre piece and fits right in with most decor styles.
  • 10. Lily Cushion 45 X 45 Cm: AED 179.4 – 299 – Now this is for that stylish friend who loves a little colour and edge in their interiors! This designer cushion made of velvet fabric comes with the cushion filling, adding a little punch to modern interiors. This makes a great gift and can be easily layered with other plain cushions.
  • 11. Stilla Clock Forest: AED 609 – The unique drop shape clock in this beautiful marble makes for a wonderful decor piece to gift. The different shades of marble makes this time piece an elegant and luxurious gift. Great for a Him who has a stylish office, undoubtedly this clock will fit right in!
  • 12. Geode Bookends, set of 2: AED 206.5 – AED 295 – Great gift for a reader or can be used as an accessory for a home library. This is one of our most used decor pieces in our Interior projects. It’s extraordinary stripes of vivid colour makes each stone look different from the other. Made of natural agate, weighty and elegant, they help prop up books on a desk or shelf. Not is it pretty, its functional as well.


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